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I want to sell my business.

If you're a business owner of a USA based business with annual revenues of at least $1 million then click "sell my business" below to get started. Distressed and companies facing closure are welcomed.

I need money to grow my business.

If you're a business owner looking to grow your business with non-dilutive capital then you already pre-qualify for our business funding program. Get started by clicking "fund my business" below.

Who Does Business Flipper Work With?


We are actively seeking to purchase profitable or formerly profitable companies that are in need of a turnaround. Ideal opportunities have at least $1mm in annual revenue.

Capital Seekers

Capital solutions for business owners who are in need of financing to grow their business. Business must be active and operating.


Flexible transaction structures to help intermediaries get those hard-to-sell listings off the market. Perfect for companies with negative profits.

Business Owners

We are currently looking to purchase USA based companies directly from business owners. Target business must have at least $2mm in annual profit.


Capital for those looking to acquire a business. Ideal buyers have experience in the industry they're looking to invest. Target company must have at least $2mm in annual profits.

Buyout Partners

Connect with us if you need capital to buyout a company that you partially own or currently manage. Business must have at least $2mm in annual profits.

Got A

We receive a lot of amazing questions but that doesn’t mean the team and I  won’t work hard to get back to you within 24-48 hours.


    Top 10 Critical Competencies of Great Leaders

    "Great leaders share many common traits. Though criteria for leadership in the workplace can vary from company to company, the majority of effective leaders exemplify certain skills...."

    Shi Acquisitions how to sell your business

    A Winning Formula for Developing Internal Talent

    "Years ago, a successful career usually meant achieving upward mobility. Ambitious employees climbed the corporate ladder to reach management positions. Today, fulfilling career..."

    The Hangen Game Shi Acquisitions

    The Hangen Game

    "Sometimes there’s no way around it. Sometimes the economic conditions make it urgent. Sometimes senior management is simply demanding efficiencies."

    Rethinking total reward strategies

    What workers value in terms of employee reward has changed over the past decade, but employers keep offering the same menu of choices. PwC analysis shows that companies can save money–as much as US$2,800 per employee per year–and attract and retain top talent if they use data analytics to understand what people want and provide a menu of options in their total reward offerings to suit everyone.

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    Introducing the Open Cap Table Coalition

    Aron Solomon Contributor Aron Solomon, J.D., is the head of Strategy for Esquire Digital and the editor of Today’s Esquire. He has taught entrepreneurship at McGill University and the University of Pennsylvania, and was the founder of LegalX, a legal

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