Quick! Do you know your company’s values?

Most companies go through an exercise to codify their values, a process that can result in cumbersome lists. Amazon just added two new principles to its list, bringing the total to 16. Adam Bryant argues that it’s time to get out the red pen and differentiate between table stakes and core values, so that employees can internalize what the boss expects of them.

What is happening to risk-taking in venture capital?

Navin Chaddha Contributor Navin Chaddha is managing partner at Mayfield, an inception and early-stage investor with more than 50 years of a people-first investing philosophy. More posts by this contributor Biology as technology will reinvent trillion-dollar industries The renaissance of silicon will create industry giants Sam Lessin’s post in The Information, “The End of Venture … Read more

Super Coffee’s high-energy disruption

In this Inside the Mind of the CEO interview, Jim DeCicco, chief executive of Super Coffee, discusses how he and his brothers built their startup ready-to-drink coffee company from a dorm room venture to a celebrity-endorsed brand. He explains how he is scaling the company, and shares his plans for future growth.