FTfm: Responsible Investing

As fund managers race to meet surging demand for sustainable investment, regulators are getting tough on greenwashing. Plus: activist shareholders make their mark; sin stocks; ESG with Chinese characteristics; climate-friendly pensions; is crypto a no-no? Source

Founders Factory and Nesta to launch startups tackling UK’s social and environmental problems

UK startup studio Founders Factory and UK innovation agency Nesta are joining forces to create startups to tackle social and environmental problems in the country. The partnership, dubbed ‘Mission Studio’, will tackle such problems a halving obesity rates, loneliness, and aim to slash household carbon emissions by 28%. The venture builder will support Nesta’s broader … Read more

Sunak warned pension fee cap plan more help to financiers than savers

Rishi Sunak’s bid to increase investment into UK infrastructure and tech companies by shifting workers’ pension pots into higher-fee private equity funds risks benefiting financiers rather than savers or the wider economy, investors have warned. The chancellor is seeking to relax rules that stop workers auto-enrolled into workplace pensions from having their savings funnelled into … Read more

A transactional approach to power

The mistaken idea that power is something that leaders possess by force of personality or positional authority opens them up to pitfalls, such as hubris, arrogance, and omnipotence. A preventative solution can be found in power dependence theory, according to organizational behavior professors Julie Battilana and Tiziana Casciaro. They advise pegging power to resources, not people, and exercising it using four strategies: attraction, consolidation, withdrawal, and expansion.