TechCrunch+ roundup: The Kindbody TC-1, Glossier’s mistakes, calculating startup runway

Historically, people who have difficulty conceiving children have been stigmatized. A 2020 UCLA study found that approximately 15% of couples will have trouble getting pregnant, but Kindbody, which has spun up a network of fertility clinics since its founding in 2018, has taken a holistic approach to the issue. With a focus on education that … Read more

Where is the office now?

The pandemic caused a rethink of what an office is for. Julia Hobsbawm describes the historical shifts that have led to what she calls the Nowhere Office, where productivity and well-being coexist because people decide when and where they work best.

InCloudCounsel raises $200M, rebrands as Ontra to expand its automation tools for contract management

A typical enterprise grapples with hundreds or thousands of agreements, contracts and other legal documents every year, and it usually engages costly legal counsel either inside or outside the company to assess those documents on their behalf. Now, a startup called InCloudCounsel that is part RPA and part BPO — it has built tools to … Read more

Sequoia/venture capital: golden era of tech investing allows VC groups to get creative

Asset valuations are defying the laws of gravity. That leaves investment funds free to break the rules too. Legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist Sequoia Capital announced this week that it had designed a “permanent capital” vehicle. The purpose of this “Sequoia Fund” is to eliminate the challenges of traditional finite funds that must return capital … Read more