Morrisons bid highlights the tricky business of stakeholder M&A

There is little more dangerous in the world of mergers and acquisitions than a politician with a microphone.  Pfizer’s interest in AstraZeneca wasn’t even official in 2014 before the then-shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna grabbed one to warn about “asset stripping” and how any deal would be a bad one for “British industry.” Pfizer’s subsequent bid, … Read more

Architect Capital brings alternative capital to the early stage with new $100M fund

Early-stage startups are increasingly looking for alternative ways to access capital, meaning not every company wants to raise money from VCs or take on debt. In recent years, a flurry of startups have emerged to give companies other options. (Think Pipe, for example.) And today, San Francisco-based Architect Capital is a new firm that is … Read more

Marex cancels London listing

Broker Marex has pulled its planned listing, raising concerns that investors may be growing more cautious on new companies coming to the stock market. The London-based broker, controlled by two former Lehman Brothers investment bankers following a private equity buyout in 2010, disclosed its decision late on Tuesday evening. “Despite broad investor interest from high … Read more

Extra Crunch roundup: influencer marketing 101, spotting future unicorns, Apple AirTags teardown

With the right message, even a small startup can connect with established and emerging stars on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube who will promote your products and services — as long as your marketing team understands the influencer marketplace. Creators have a wide variety of brands and revenue channels to choose from, but marketers who understand … Read more