Why Your Team’s Projects Are Not Being Completed Properly

Why Your Team's Projects Are Not Being Completed Properly, Shi Hawthorne

Failed projects can cost a lot of money and, often worse, time. There are other costs as well: demoralized stakeholders and investors, disappointed managers and employees who worked on the project, and upset customers. A failed project can do damage to your company that can take years to fix. Many projects either fail to meet … Read more

How to Make Drastic Cuts Creatively with the Hangen Game

The Hangen Game Shi Acquisitions

Sometimes there’s no way around it. Sometimes the economic conditions make it urgent. Sometimes senior management is simply demanding efficiencies. Whatever the cause, when cuts and layoffs are inevitable, businesses, and the leaders within them, are much better off when they embrace cuts as a moment for creativity and innovation. In Japan, where monolithic corporations … Read more

Machiavellian Love and Hate in Leadership

Machiavellian Love and Hate in Leadership, Shi Hawthorne

Thinker and politician Niccolo Machiavelli ignited a 16th-century moral controversy when he condoned political murder in The Prince, his guide for the Italian noblemen that surrounded him. Of course, the murderous conduct of Renaissance noblemen is well behind us, but Machiavelli’s insights on human behavior remain relevant. His realistic, tough, but fair approach to leadership … Read more