How to boost people’s energy and productivity during meetings

When the president of a technology services firm convened her executive team virtually to review the company’s strategic agenda, she started by allowing a few minutes for casual conversation and explained the purpose of the meeting. It seemed to work well—people were laughing, chatting, and asking questions. Then she moved to the main discussion with … Read more

How Private Equity Conquered the Tax Code

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Activating culture is key to making customer-centricity stick

Customer experience has become a key focus for companies in every industry. Business leaders understand that there’s long-term value in being customer-obsessed—and significant risk in failing to be. Our research has consistently found that organizations that lead in delivering superior customer and employee experiences also outperform on both growth and profitability. For instance, our evaluation … Read more

This is the actual mathematical formula you must follow to ‘live like king’

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If You’re Using These Marketing Tactics, You’re Hurting Your Brand’s Credibility

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