Sell Your Business


Business Flipper respects your privacy and confidentiality, sharing any company identifiers on this form is completely optional. We’ll be in touch within 3 business days if your company aligns with our goals. Unfortunately due to overwhelming interest, we are unable to contact companies who are not a match.

Who Does Shi Acquisitions Work With?

Business Owners

We'll assist business owner's management team with capital to purchase their business. We also buy companies directly. Business must have at least $2mm in annual profit.

Capital Seekers

Capital solutions for business owners who are in need of fast cash, financing, or lines of credit to grow their business. Business must have at least $5,000 in monthly sales.

Buyout Partners

Connect with us if you need capital to buyout a company that you partially own or currently manage. Business must have at least $2mm in annual profits.


Capital for those looking to acquire a business. Ideal buyers have experience in the industry they're looking to invest. Target company must have at least $2mm in annual profits.


Flexible transaction structures to help intermediaries get those hard-to-sell listings off the market. Perfect for companies with less than $1 million in annual profit.

Search Funds

Collaborating with entrepreneurial searchers of active funds who are interested in partnering with one of our target businesses.

Shi Acquisitions LLC

With the application of good governance, it is our mission to be the safest pair of hands that business owners can pass their companies on to. By selling directly to us and working collaboratively we eliminate many unnecessary hurdles, delays, and fees that typically come with selling a business.