Shi Acquisitions LLC Launches Platform Search in Middle of Pandemic

Mergers and acquisitions management group, Shi Acquisitions LLC, launches their platform acquisition search in the manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and logistics sectors

Shi Acquisitions LLC has continued in its pursuit to acquire business during the economic downturn.  The group recently announced their desire to move quickly to anchor and roll up USA based businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and logistics sectors. As a part of a broader plan, Shi Hawthorne, MBA, and her team have also expressed their openness to acquiring companies in the business services, technology, and education sectors.

Mergers and acquisitions activity has slowed over the past few months due to the direct impacts of Covid-19. With corporate distress and bankruptcy approaching 2009 levels, the Shi Acquisitions team has not been deterred in their quest to acquire. “Our economy is in for a very interesting ride, but we’re more ready than ever to meet with business owners and shareholders to discuss their exit options. We want them to know that ‘hey you can still sell at a good multiple right now’”, Shi Hawthorne, MBA said in wake of the current pandemic. 

By building upon the processes of the previous leadership, Shi Acquisitions LLC has a growth-focused approach to expansion. With a commitment to elevating companies through the enhancement of operations and external growth, the acquired businesses will continue to have meaningful impacts on people, families, and communities, post the pandemic. 

Over the next year, Shi Acquisitions LLC seeks to have a strong presence in the market and has been working closely with intermediaries during their platform search. The recent decision to get more aggressive with an anchor and roll-ups show the company’s dedication to burgeoning as a dominant player once the economy stabilizes. 

The mergers and acquisitions management group is looking to acquire platform businesses that meet their investment criteria, which include revenue of $1-$25 million (+/-) and EBITDA of $500,000 to $5 million (+/-).

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About Shi Acquisitions LLC

Shi Acquisitions LLC is a mergers and acquisitions management group that seeks to buy and grow businesses. Founded by Shi Hawthorne, MBA, a savvy business acquisition strategist, the company focuses on buying and growing small to lower middle-market businesses. Through expedited processes, Shi and her team help eliminate the hurdles, delays, and unnecessary fees when it comes to selling a business.